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Galvanized Bolt Anchors, Cheap Plug Bases, Screw Fasteners – Our Online Shop Has It All!

Here at L&H Express, we are proud to be a leading name when it comes to wholesale electrical supplies in Australia. In our online store, you will find a huge variety of installation materials, including plug bases, wall plugs, self drilling screws, silicone electrical tape, zinc plated flat washes and much, much more.

Our dedication to offering a huge variety of products from leading brands is what has set us apart from other wholesalers for years. Find what you need amongst our range today to find exactly what you need and have it shipped straight to your door.

Why choose from our extensive range of options?

Our range offers something for everyone, whether you’re in need of junction boxes, plug bases, connectors, mounting blocks, fasteners, adhesives, or something else entirely. Our catalogue of installation materials allows you to find something perfectly within your price range that suits you design needs and technical specifications. This makes us the perfect way to source all your wholesale supplies for upcoming products, as you can shop form the comfort of your home or office and find exactly what you need!

The benefits of shopping in our online store

Apart from our impressive and highly convenient range of wholesale electrical supplies, our standard of service is what makes us the preferred store for tradies across Australia. Not only will you receive fast, free shipping on your orders, but every item comes with a warranty so you can feel confident that products will do the job the first time. Our comprehensive range steadfastly meets Australian standards and we even offer no-questions-asked returns. For you, this means peace of mind when shopping in our online store.

Place your order today

Place your order online today to experience for yourself the ease with which our webshop allows you to purchase wholesale installation products such as plug bases, connectors, junction boxes and more!