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Hand Tools


voltstick glow lamp industrial 230-1000v ac sensor 4mm with 2 batteries

Plaster Saw

handsaw wall & plaster board wood handle

Linesman Plier

plier linesman with side cutter heavy duty cutting cap copper 3.2mm

Linesman Plier 1000V

plier combination linesman 220mm-length insulated 1000v cuts to 6mm2 copper wire

Long Nose Plier

plier long nose chrome vanadium steel with side cutter 200mm-length

Super Snake

pull through snake pvc working load limit 500kg f 30m-length with holder black-yellow

Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Nipper

plier diagonal heavy duty cutting 3mm2-cutting capacity copper wire 200mm-length

Cable Cutting Plier

plier cable 215mm-length with cutting to 25mm2 copper wire 3c flat

Silicone Gun

caulking gun silastic sealants for standard 310gm cartridge

Cable Cutter

cutter cable vinyl grips copper 60mm2 235mm-length

Cable Puller

cable puller 3.6m phosphorus pastic line glow in the dark

Diagonal Cutting Nipper

plier diagonal cutting 2.6mm2-cutting capacity copper wire 150mm-length